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UniStar Co. Ltd. was established in the beginning of 2013 as Myanmar went through significant economic reforms. As the country prepared to re-join international trade community, many of its under-serving industries were de-regulated including automotive sector.

We believe demand for high quality products will increase as disposable income level and living standard rise. As part of this view, UniStar obtained “distributorship” from AMSOIL INC, one of the leading lubricant manufacturers from the USA.

Helmed by management with experience in international trade and public administration, our business encompass sourcing, marketing, promoting and transportation operations with objective of distributing exact high quality products from point of origin to final users.

UniStar aims to build a sustainable business by providing timely delivery, consistent quality, in-depth product knowledge and comprehensive marketing supports. Today, UniStar distributes high quality AMSOIL products through extensive networks of car workshops, wholesalers and retailers in major cities throughout Myanmar.